Like last year, I push myself to share my 2017 goals with you!

Automize my Server Provisioning and Deployment Process

Instead of boring you with the technical details regarding server provisioning and the deployment process, I will tell you why it is important to automize frequent processes within your business.

Developers and efficient people try to avoid repeating menial tasks. If there are certain steps in your daily processes that you have to repeat over and over again, you may want to think about a way to eliminate them. After all, if you spend 5 minutes every day to do something that creates no value in your business, you end up with 25 wasted minutes every week. That’s roughly 21 hours per year wasted! Think about the important things you could achieve in 21 hours which is almost a whole day!

Coming up with creative ways to eliminate repetitive work is one of the services I offer. If you have a problem to solve, why not share it with me?

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Set the Foundation for Passive Income

Ok, we all know that no income is truly passive. What I mean is income that will grow passively once I have completed an initial amount of work. Most self-employed individuals who do a lot of case-by-case work for clients have to realize at some point that they have to find a way out of this endless loop. Not that I don’t love building websites and software for you guys, but I know that my energy levels are finite, and that I may have to go a slower pace in the distant future. Right now my income is in strong correlation with the number of clients I serve. I want to find a way to decrease that dependency. In know you are wondering how!

Most creatives end up selling some kind of digital product online. This may be a book, an online course, a software as a service, or another creative asset. Teaching has always been a passion of mine, which is why I will most likely sell an online course.

But before I even start working on that course, I need a platform to distribute it. I could pay for an existing solution and start selling my course as soon as I have created it. However, since I am a software developer, I will build this platform myself. This will require a lot of work now, but I know that I will benefit in the long run since I won’t have to pay for a course distribution platform.

I will take it a level further and will build my platform in a way that other people may use it for their own courses. I will be able to sell that service to others, which will generate additional passive income.

Now all of this is a lot of work, which is why I am giving myself the whole year to complete this goal.

Create Course Material

The Texas Tri-County Chamber of Commerce, which is a fantastic group of people, has asked me to provide some on-site training pertaining to social media marketing. I studied this field as part of my bachelor’s degree and I will use this opportunity to build the foundation of the course material that I will later monetize via the before mentioned platform. This will allow me to help a bunch of people now and gain important insight and feedback on the course material.

And Everything Else 🙂

Last but not least, I will keep being available for your projects. After all, I still have to earn a living by creating websites and software solutions for you all. You can see that it will be a busy year. It may be busy, but I am terribly passionate about all these things, which is why I know that it will be a lot of fun!

I hope I inspired you to commit to a long term goal as well. Work on something that will be an asset for you in the future. It doesn’t have to be linked to making money – just pick something that will enrich your life now and in the future.

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