How To Make Your Business Stand Out

One question always comes up when I plan my customers’ websites and marketing strategy – what should we say, how should we say it, and why should we say it?

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In past emails, I have already preached multiple times that you need to publish entertaining, valuable and helpful information that is of interest to your target audience. Doing this consistently with the heart of a servant puts you ahead of the masses easily. But it’s still not enough to compete with others who are doing the same.

Here is where your differentiator comes into play. Your differentiator is a quality, a set of values or skills that makes you or your company unique.

I know, that sounds vague. Let’s look at a few examples.

There are quite a few bakeries in San Antonio, but one that really stands out is La Panader√≠a. The very successful bakery is run by two brothers who came from Mexico to realize their version of the American dream. Go check it out and you’ll see that the quality and taste of their bread is unmatched. I know for a fact that the brothers travel the whole world in order to bring the right ingredients and equipment together. But maybe even more important than that is their dedication to what they call Bread Cultura. It is so important to them that they have dedicated an entire page on their website to this concept that is the key to their success.

Another example of a powerful use of a differentiator is President Trump’s unexpected win in the elections. I don’t have to explain to you why he is different, he just is, and that appealed to a lot of voters who were fed up with the usual political correctness. In a field where you’d think such a behavior was suicide, it was part of what helped him to win the election.

Let’s sum it up. If you are a company, think hard about what your culture is, and what that means in how you do everything within your business. How does that culture translate into your style of communication?

Want another example? Think Starbucks – they took the idea of a trivial coffee shop and made it into an experience that millions of people can’t wait to have several times daily. Whenever I walk into a Starbucks, no matter where in the world, I feel like I am walking into a friendly, familiar space that makes me feel at home.

If you are a person doing business, then just dare to be you. Think about President Trump, or think about me and my multiple reminders that I am a lover of Texas, animals, women in business and a vegan for life. Don’t try to please everyone, please yourself and you will attract the right people to your business.

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