If you want to know who you really are, look at what you do daily. The repetitive tasks are what really define you.

You train for a marathon by going for a run every day. You run – and then you progressively increase the distance. But every day, you run.

Writers write, coders code, artists create, musicians play music – every day! They don’t care if other people realize what they to, because they do what they do based on an inner feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

We live in times where we pay too much attention on what the world thinks about what we do. We live in information overflow. Content is king they say. So everyone goes and creates content, including me. Creating has no point if there is no reaction to what you did. As Seth Godin puts it; there is no art without people who are affected by what you did.

That is all true. But you need to realize that it takes time to stand out. It takes time to become good at what you do. So keep on doing what it is that you do – but do it every day, regardless of what people think or say. Just do it.

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