So What’s Planned For 2018?

I have had more requests for websites within the first week of this year than I had in some months of 2017.

I believe in momentum in my business. If you constantly work on what you are passionate about, then you will attract that work. With an increased demand, I can start being more selective with the projects I decide to accept.

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Last year I already announced that I want to heavily focus on serving healthcare and wellness providers. I know that I can increase the quality of my work through specialization. It requires a good amount of discipline and the right situation in a business cycle to say no to non-optimal opportunities. However, I know that time has come for me this year.


Websites still form the base of any online marketing strategy. With plenty of self-hosted services out there that do not require my coding knowledge, I will focus on aspects of websites that cannot be optimized without having an intrinsic understanding of how people are using them. I will aim for a product of such high quality that custom code is still a necessity. Collaboration with a top designer and user experience designer will be key. Most leads will not be a good match since my work is only the right choice for those who aim for the high-end segment.


Most companies want a website because they want more business. However, the best website in the world will not generate any leads without traffic. Attracting high-quality traffic is becoming more and more difficult. Online marketing has become so noisy that only genuine and human-centered language can still make a difference. I will help my customers to develop strong marketing strategies.

I can’t talk about online marketing without mentioning the three letters SEO. Search Engine Optimization is more relevant than ever and I understand it pretty well. If you google for “San Antonio Web Development” you will find my website on the highly sought after the first page of the search engine results and in the local search results (aka snack pack).

I can be found right after Giles-Parscale, the huge company that is responsible for President Trump’s campaign website and online marketing (haha!).

google webpage showing seo resultsNote that results may vary depending on your location and other factors only known to Google 🙂. This speaks for my expertise in matters of SEO (search engine optimization) and is another sign of my establishment in San Antonio.

There are many resilient SEO myths out there that only serve money hungry wannabe marketing companies. I will make an effort to fight those myths and shed light on the severely misunderstood topic of search engine optimization.


The healthcare and wellness industry is required to respect people’s privacy which finds its legal framework in the so-called HIPAA act. Especially small and mid-sized providers are often at a loss when it comes to implementing these standard security measures in their business. Therefore I have become an official Kaspersky Lab Partner which will allow me to act as a managed service provider and help my customers with the world’s leading security software.

The Big Challenge in 2018

I need to find a way to manage more work from a higher level and I don’t quite know how I want to do that yet. Will I have an assistant of some form, or will I try to teach my customers to be more independent? I don’t know the answer right now and that’s ok. I will leave that up to 2018. Business is not always predictable, but I noticed that answers will materialize when you start asking yourself a specific question often enough.

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