Video Content:

  • How I got the idea to use Facebook Live Video for marketing purposes.
  • What is Facebook Live Video and how to use it.
  • 4 Industry specific use cases.

Please excuse me closing my eyes so often. I was not sleepy – just very nervous and I had to FOCUS so hard on speaking smile emoticon – I will improve that next week smile emoticon

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    • Thank you Edith! I agree – it is pretty scary and I was very nervous. However, I am sure that we can all recognize the very positive long term effects of such videos on many elements of online marketing efforts. They will be out there forever, always attracting potential leads.

      Also, the engagement rate on this video is crazy. I am wondering why I am putting so much effort into writing posts 🙂 ? It almost seems as if publishing one video per week is more efficient than writing three blog posts per week.

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