Picture of Zivile Badaraite

Shankar has been working with our company for almost a year now, and will hopefully be supporting us for many more years into the future. He is the genius web developer behind our new, improved, and as-custom-as-can-be corporate website. Operating within the Manufacturing IT industry, as a client, we (more than) frequently had very specific (and often not the most popular nor common) needs and requests in terms of our website rebuild. Just to name a few – complicated content linking and associations, a dominant non-mobile audience, custom navigation menus, multi-language support, last-minute changes and requests, the list can go on and on. Shankar took each of our challenges and requests head on and with the best attitude, and he always found a solution to give us exactly what we wanted. His breadth and depth of knowledge of his field and commitment to best practices also helped us build a website that was even better than we had imagined. Despite how brilliant he is, he always made a point to explain the method and reasoning behind each of his actions, and was the most patient trainer to our team to ensure we could use and manage the website easily and comfortably. As a professional, Shankar really is a rare gem, one in a million. His work ethic, passion for his work, dedication to helping us achieve our company’s vision and mission, reliability and attention to detail set him lightyears above and beyond any other web developer with which we have ever worked. For Shankar, nothing is impossible, and we feel lucky and grateful to have found him. We look forward to collaborating with him on many new and exciting initiatives moving forward!

Zivile Badaraite Senior Marketing Specialist at Hylasoft July 18, 2016