Picture of Sarah Merekar

You will not meet a more patient, knowledgeable, humble, yet – to use the term seriously – badass developer than Shankar. Web development is what he does but it’s also a part of who he is. Shankar is continuously up-leveling his skills and his knowledge and this always translates into up-leveling on projects for his clients. The detail through which Shankar works and his ability to not only get down to the nitty gritty with what a client wants, what that means in terms of web execution and actually employing the features requested in the most efficient way possible, but also, simultaneously, his ability to zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

The balance between the two is key to a successful web developer, in my mind. The quality of the project can be mediocre or it can be excellent but the linchpin between the two is most definitely who you choose to work with and how they see your project’s potential – both the problems and the solutions. Shankar is that professional.

The best thing about him (as if this weren’t relevant and essential points) is that Shankar is as brilliant to work with as he is to work for. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve worked WITH Shankar on projects he has been kind enough to bring me on and have seen him in action. His communication is flawless and he always radiates an air of calm knowledge. This is the essence of him as a person and a professional. Yet working FOR him is just as wonderful as he gives great direction, he has clear parameters and expectations and is always on-point with feedback and requests for revisions. He makes my job a pleasure to do because it’s so clear and laid out. It’s not often that great thinkers/doers can also be great leaders/direction-givers but he is both and it simply comes naturally for him. These are invaluable aspects to a great developer, in my opinion, because anyone can learn to code. It’s not the technical skills you’re looking for, it’s the soft, interpersonal skills that so many developers lack that Shankar brings time and again.

He has the patience to sit through multiple iterations of a project and to puzzle out the best solution for what’s at stake. He ensures that the on-boarding and exiting phases are seamless and thinks through all angles of your question before responding. Yet, for all his knowledge, he’s not without a great sense of humor and will often put in funny features before a project goes live, just to keep a team alive and interacting.

I couldn’t recommend him more but I urge you to find out for yourself. Book a time and get a conversation started with Shankar and his team. You will not be disappointed and it could even be the start of some truly beautiful github repos.

Sarah Merekar UX and Content Marketing March 19, 2017