Picture of Janae Arno

I hired Shankar approximately 4 weeks ago to help me prepare a presentation for a very high level account for a local university. He took the time to educate me on the steps needed to create an innovative and collaborative presentation. He challenged me to be creative and think outside the box and view things from another perspective. In doing so a presentation takes on a whole other level of understanding. The project deadline was moved up almost 3 weeks from what was originally stated. When I had little faith that we could get everything done he was right there to assure me it was possible. He stood by me every step of the way and even when I thought the presentation couldn’t get any better he continued to find ways to improve it. He used programs that stood above any expectations that I could have ever imagined and I believe it made all the difference in the information that we presented. We did not want to use a typical power point slide but something that would engage our customers and keep their interest and attention. Everyone is still commenting on it and how wonderful it was to have something other than “another power point”. He made sure that I was prepared to give the presentation by offering me opportunities to practice and get comfortable giving the presentation. His attention to detail is unlike anyone else I have worked with in the past. He is reliable, consistent and was always available when he said he would be and even took my calls after hours. I would recommend Shankar for any project and look forward to the opportunity to use his services again.

Janae Arno Wellness Coordinator at Office of Student Wellness, Miami University March 19, 2017