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The Windmill Wellness Ranch (WWR) is my customer with the most scenic location ever and is located on a 75-acre ranch settled in 1840 in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on the north side of Canyon Lake.

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Windmill Wellness Ranch is a dual diagnosis residential treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction and mental health issues.

When the CEO Shannon Malish approached me for a website build, she made it very clear that the WWR was a real startup. She had just invested a considerable amount of money into acquiring the property and remodeling essential buildings, such as the administration building, the medical doctor’s office, the dining hall and of course the main lodge, where all the patients spend most of their time.

Picture showing Shannon Malish

Shankx started helping our company, Windmill Wellness Ranch, s substance abuse treatment facility, when we needed help with a website. His ability to communicate, execute and produce a spectacular product, resulted in us asking for more and more help in every communication aspect of the business. His incredible people skills, vision, and understanding has benefited our company with constant improvements in our business. He continues to be integral to our business.

Shankx came into our lives to design a website.  He was the only honest person that we talked to in the entire business. Although setting up emails and shared servers were way beyond his talent, he knew we were absolutely lost without him. Shankx showed up in the nick of time with our start up business.  He takes the time to drive all the way to Canyon Lake to make sure that we are okay.  We trust him and he is part of our team.  He believes in our cause of helping those who cannot help themselves.  He always answers the phone. He is always there and has the ability that most nerds do not have - the ability to communicate.  At the end of the day, he cares and that is what matters most to us. We are forever grateful that Shankx joined our motley crew. Sorry, Shankx - we can never let you go.

CEO of The Windmill Wellness Ranch July 3, 2017

The website needed to be affordable, easy to manage, clearly communicate what WWR has to offer, and convey the beauty of the ranch’s setting.

A Website That Attracts Traffic

Rarely have I seen a new website take off like this. Between April 22nd and July 1st of 2017, the website attracted 1,467 unique visitors who account for a total of 47,706 page views. The average session duration is 3 minutes and 30 seconds and the bounce rate (number of people who leave right away) is 2.16% which is the absolute lowest bounce rate I have ever seen in my life.

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A Website That Captivates Visitors

As you can see, about 45.7 % of that high-quality traffic stems from organic search, meaning that Google search engine referred users to the site, without WWR paying for that traffic. This is proof that the website is built in a search engine friendly way. Furthermore, it shows that the laws of supply and demand are truer than ever in the world of search engine optimization. Together with Shannon and her staff, we came up with relevant and appealing content for WWR’s target audience.

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