Global company and technological firm, Hyla Soft USA Inc. has maintained a significant online presence leading up to the point of their redesign project. Focused on the business of manufacturing and integrating IT solutions to advance manufacturing, Hyla Soft’s purpose for a redesign was to update and move their branding, image and site functionality into the contemporary space. A redesign, in their eyes, would upgrade their external image, bringing it up to speed with their high-standard internal operations. More than a simple “refresh”, Hyla Soft was looking to improve their User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) with one elegant solution, making it easier for them to use, update and maintain information as well.

For this redesign, I worked with my co-collaborator, a designer, from start to finish for a complete overhaul to the backend as well as the front-end functionality of the website. The client’s request was at the forefront of every iteration of the process. We worked closely with the marketing team and ensured that the discovery phase was as exhaustive and detail-oriented as the eventual and final handover.

CraftCMS was the platform of choice for a responsive site for users that would be powerful enough to support all the feature requests of Hyla Soft. While keeping Hyla Soft’s main branding intact and incorporating their most important elements, we designed an interface that organized information effectively, worked smoothly with multiple content types connecting and that accurately delivered the most relevant information throughout the site’s navigation.

Hyla Soft’s complex firm and specialized techniques are accompanied with a wealth of content and it was up to our two-person team to not only understand and organize this content but ensure that the data was sequenced in a logical yet accessible way for the end user. Besides requests for a responsive and functional site, migrating content was a large part of the site’s redesign. We were able to effectively map out recurring content, eliminate repetitive content and optimize the site for the best content delivery as well as functionality.