Samantha Faber

There are very few experiences that make me happier than seeing a person light up because of my work. The woman you see above is Samantha Faber. She lives in a small village in Luxembourg/Europe. Samantha had a dream of owning her own online store because she wanted to combine her passion for fabrics and sewing with making some additional income. That dream has now come true and I encourage you to check out her store at

At what cost?

I know that many of you are wondering how much Samantha has invested to make her dream come true. You are not only looking at an online store! What you see is a full-blown eCommerce platform that comprises:

  • Inventory management of about 5,000 different articles
  • Vendor management
  • Invoicing system
  • Shipping management system
  • Customer management
  • Online payment solutions
  • and much more…

All those features cost Samantha about $99 per month. This is not much if you consider what she gets for her money. On top of that monthly fee, Samantha paid my consulting rate to help her plan and execute. Nevertheless, the online-store cost only a tiny fraction compared to a custom-built solution.