Powerful Habits

Picture showing Megan Beaver

The actions you take everyday matter far more than isolated outbursts of creativity, or motivation. Whether in business or life, the actions we take on a regular basis are those that bring us forward (or down to our knees). Many successful individuals have a specific morning routine that they religiously follow, no matter how crazy their days may be. If we can depend on ourselves in chaotic times, then our customers can do the same. This unwavering trust is magic in your business and creates healthy, fruitful relationships.

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As someone who sits in front of a computer for many hours during a day, I have always known the importance of physical exercise. I believe that humans were not meant to be sedentary. Movement is healthy for us, and movement helps us get into a positive state of mind. Depression, boredom, and lethargy can easily be fought by getting active. Therefore, I have recommitted to my 20-minute yoga practice each morning. During the first few days starting the yoga practice was especially difficult; however, after three days of consistency, the resistance that I felt started dwindling. Our habits are like muscles, we have to exercise them regularly if we want them to remain healthy and strong. If we don’t, they are subject to the general entropy that everything in our lives has to bow to.

Be the Master of your Habits

Unfortunately, most people leave their habits to the mercy of their circumstances. Feeling tired, sad, or in pain is reason enough for them to just float along without any plans in life. I always like to look up to exceptional individuals who are facing much more adversity than myself. I compare myself to people that are in a worse situation, rather than complaining about how easy life is for others. By the way, life is not easy for anyone. It may appear so, but be assured that we all have to carry our burdens through life.

There are many individuals that I could point out as role models. Let me highlight two who come to my mind right away.

No arms, no legs – no worries! Nick Vujicic uses his story to inspire and inform people all around the world. Don’t let this life changing message pass you by.


The girl in the picture at the top was a fellow peer health educator when I was at Miami University. She was a very active member of the team and later became the president of the group. We were all oblivious to the fact that this strong, beautiful, smart and athletic girl who helped campaign against rape culture on campus, was a rape victim herself.

She came out with her story via a website that I let you explore for yourself. I recommend reading her story under the ‘About’ section.


Instead of feeling self-pity and anger, she manages to create a message of hope for others. If you had known this girl, you’d have never thought that her soul was so hurt. From the outside, she seemed to be the vibrant, successful and pretty girl every other girl wanted to be, but from the inside, she was hurt and in despair. But she came up with a set of habits that helped her out of the dark, into the light.

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