Successful People Agree

The growth of a business and good communication go hand in hand. To be a successful professional you need to master the art of public speaking. Warren Buffett has insisted that the most important skill a person should enhance in order to become a popular businessman is becoming a good communicator.

The path chosen to communicate to your prospects should be honest and helpful. When a businessman communicates with a potential customer, he needs to find out what the customer needs, without pushing the product he has to offer. You need to first understand whether the product you are trying to sell meets the consumer’s needs. If there is no need, then there is nothing to sell.


Good Communicators Listen

How can you find out whether the consumer really needs your product without being too pushy? A good communicator should be a good listener. You can start with brief description about your company and then look for the consumer’s point of view. When you sharply listen to what consumers have to say you will understand their needs.

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Me as a proud winner of a impromptu speech contest
Me as a proud winner of an impromptu speech contest

All of this can really help your business grow but how to become a good public speaker if you are terrified and nervous addressing a huge crowd? The answer is practice. You can join public speaking clubs to enhance your oration skills. During my Miami University days, I had joined a Toastmasters International club, which boosted my public speaking skills. You can give a speech in front of an extremely supportive group and get honest feedback. We are all afraid at the beginning, but you need to get out there and just start. Businessmen who communicate in a good way are the most successful. Good communication can truly be your sword to win hearts and minds!

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