I read lots of advice around networking and I am always astonished how people make it sound like it’s a secret hack that needs to be learned. It is not! Let me share a networking truth with you. Networking is the most natural thing. It is innate in a quality that most humans have in common: curiosity.
Instead of talking so much about yourself, and worrying if people get how good you are – try a different approach.

Next time you meet someone you’d like to become part of your network, just show genuine interest in what they do. Ask some questions about their field of expertise, ask about their career, ask how they got where they are today. Do not talk about yourself at all. Everybody likes honest interest in their person. Not only will you network efficiently, you will also learn a lot, and become conversant in the most diverse topics.

I personally have an innate curiosity for a wide array of things and fields of knowledge. My ability to ask intelligent questions has brought me further in life than showing off my own knowledge.

A word of caution: Your interest must be honest! Fake interest is the worst, and people debunk it right away.

Let me know what you think? Do you agree?

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