Step 1: Get In Touch

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Step 2: Discovery Phase

I will analyze your existing online presence and write a report that contains improvement options.

Step 3: Implementation Phase

Together we will craft your improved/new website based on insights from the Discovery Phase.

Picture of Tana Richards

This is absolutely the best experience I have ever had with web development. Where else will you find a kind, down to Earth, caring professional who has your best intentions at the forfront consistently? Shankar is that person. He improved our website, created a mobile app and helped our business prosper. Very easy to work with. Truly a pleasure, which says a lot for a non-tech savy individual as myself!

Tana Richards General Manager at Moon-Coop

More about the Discovery Phase

My discovery phase is designed around the ACT cycle. The acronym for Attract – Convert – Transform explains the three stages an individual goes through to become a paying customer.

After I understand your business and its target audience, I will analyze your website, your social media channels and other marketing activities. My expertise in human psychology, communication, design, and marketing strategies makes me a unique consultant.

I create an online presence where many moving parts play together towards a common goal – getting you more business and bringing the cost down!

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