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Picture of Tana Richards

This is absolutely the best experience I have ever had with web development. Where else will you find a kind, down to Earth, caring professional who has your best intentions at the forfront consistently? Shankar is that person. He improved our website, created a mobile app and helped our business prosper. Very easy to work with. Truly a pleasure, which says a lot for a non-tech savy individual as myself!

Tana Richards General Manager at Moon-Coop


Don’t Know What You Need?

No problem. You are not alone. I have a Discovery Package specifically designed for you. WordPress, Rails, CraftCMS or a website builder? Don’t know what do say, and how to say it? Why does your current website attract no business? Use social media or not? How do you integrate with third-party solutions? No problem, we’ll work on a strategy for you that lets you make an educated decision. Cost: $2,000

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Shankar brings a wealth of knowledge to his work and does everything he can to help you create a professional, finished product!

Amy Macechko Health & Wellness Coordinator at Talawanda School District

More about the Discovery Package

My discovery package is designed around the ACT cycle. The acronym for Attract – Convert – Transform explains the three stages an individual goes through to become a paying customer.

After I understand your business and its target audience, I will analyze your website, your social media channels and other marketing activities. My expertise in human psychology, communication, design, and marketing strategies makes me a unique consultant.

I create an online presence where many moving parts play together towards a common goal – getting you more business and bringing the cost down!

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