How To Market In a Fun, Entertaining and Helpful Way

I think that most businesses are actually being obnoxious with how they choose to implement their digital marketing strategies. I may even be guilty of that myself.

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How can you promote your business without annoying or driving away your audience?

The key is to remember that people are flooded with traditional marketing language. Nobody wants to hear that stuff anymore. In order to get people’s attention, your content needs to be fun, entertaining or helpful.

I know this is easier said than done! Let’s look at an example that came up in the last workshop. A heating and air conditioning company owner was telling me that it was not necessarily easy to craft fun, entertaining or helpful content around AC equipment. I totally agree! Depending on what industry you are working in, it can be a real challenge to come up with good content.

I told her to go through an exercise that is known as mind-mapping. You start with an initial keyword, and then you branch out by adding a bunch of other words that come to your mind when you think about your initial word. For example, AC lead to cool which lead to feeling comfortable at home. All of a sudden the owner had a great idea. She mentioned that one of her clients was able to get rid of severe headaches by replacing their AC system with a special filter. That was an awesome idea!!! This is a topic that is certainly helpful and allows her to talk about their services in a subtle, non-direct way.

It’s all about finding tangents to your industry. It didn’t take long when they came up with another great idea. If there are more people like me, then numerous AC owners have no clue how to maintain their installation. I know that I am supposed to change a filter in specific intervals, but I am lost when it comes to knowing which filter, where, how and when 🙂 Recording a video with instructions on how to do that was a golden idea that the owners came up with!

I hope I was able to encourage you to do some mind-mapping! Let me know what unexpected ideas came up!

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