Why do you need to develop a desirable market position?

Image showing a compass as an analogy for positioning yourself in business

Better Leads – Higher Conversion Rates

Your positioning statement consists of two elements: Who do you serve and what problem do you solve for them?

Ideally, your company’s name is a synonym for the service or product you sell.

Positioning is not something you do, it’s something you achieve. Positioning is how the market sees you, remembers you, measures you, and compares you to alternatives. Your position usually includes elements like reputation, specificity, price, and intangibles like brand.

In the world of professional services, you achieve a desirable market position by specializing and developing exceptionally valuable expertise, and then (simultaneously or after the fact) becoming well-known among your ideal clients for that expertise.
– Philip Morgan –

Having a laser-focused positioning statement will help you design a better website and create more relevant content.

No, “serving small-businesses” is not specific enough! You don’t need to appeal to everyone. It is ok to polarize. If you have no opinion and you try to please everyone, then you won’t attract anyone.

You only need a few leads to run a successful business, but you need those leads to be of high-quality. They need to see you as experts who get paid to deliver value rather than as interchangeable resources.

Defining your positioning statement is the first step in building a better website with better SEO.

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If you want to study positioning in-depth, I highly recommend reading anything produced by Philip Morgan.

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