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As an alumnus of beautiful Miami University, I attended a networking event for past Miami students at the Razorfish offices here in Chicago. Someone gave a presentation about Razorfish and threw in some career tips at the end. Among the many great tips, the presenter told us to

  1. Be nice
  2. Get stuff done
  3. Be smart

He claimed that very often, highly intelligent people tend to be rather arrogant, and forget to take care of points one and two. The more I think about this piece of advice, the more I agree with it! What good does it do when you work with the smartest people, but they don’t move forward, and they can’t communicate in a polite manner?

I collaborate with a person who is amazing at attracting business. It seems to me as if clients find her, and not the other way around. When I asked her how she does that, she told me that she’s just nice to people. It may seem too easy, but that’s really a big part of the secret. If you are nice to folks, and you deliver what you promised in a timely manner, then you are on a very good path. It is here that I see a huge chance for freelancers and small businesses. The limited size makes it a lot easier to remain personal, to care about human relationships and to be dedicated to deliver on time.

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