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If you just answered “yes” or you are not sure, then this may be one of the most important emails you will read this year. I have noticed that many new and existing business owners do all the right things when it comes to improving their business, but they do close to nothing when it comes to educating themselves about financial literacy.

Can you believe that? People work their rear ends off to create a decent income for themselves and their families, but they do not think at all about smart ways to invest their money.

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The truth is that your levels of energy are finite. This is why you need to set yourself up to make your money work for you now and in the future. Planning for retirement is just as important, if not more, than working on your business.

The reality is that social security is not enough to support you in retirement. The social security trust is also at risk of being exhausted anytime now. 85,000 pension plans have been depleted since 1995, which explains why so few are offered these days. The reason is that people simply become older and older (due to advances in medicine) and everyone today is at risk to outlive their savings. Think about it – do you really want to end up as a Walmart greeter in your final years? These hard working individuals would rather enjoy their lives with their children and grandchildren than spending so much time at work.

This book changed how I think about financial planning forever. Do yourself a favor and get your copy now. It is worth every penny!

Professionals I Know and Trust:

Chelsea Bohannon with People Helping People – 469.955.0257 (Retirement Planning for Individuals)
Saul Garcia with Platinum Wealth Solutions – 210.789.8556 (Certified Financial Planer)
Pamela Rodriguez with Rodriguez Holland & Co – 210.822.9950 (CPA)
Charlie Weisinger with Weisinger Law Firm – 210.308.0800 (Estate Planning and Probate Law)
Justine Gonzales with Farmers Insurance – 210.812.4646 (Auto, Home, Life, Business)
Sabas Martinez with Farmers Insurance – 210.812.4646 (Auto, Home, Life, Business)
William Shurtz with First Choice Insurance of Texas – 210.520.0420
Tracey Blackwell with TBlackwell Insurance Group – 210.651.3715
Guillermo Miller with New York Life Insurance (Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners)
Steven Flores with 1st Patriot Risk Management – 210.296.1066 (Focus on Insurance for Businesses)

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  3. Get in touch with professionals I personally know and vouch for. I have met every single professional listed above, and know that you will be in good hands! These professionals are all located in Texas, which should not prevent you from contacting them. They may have contacts in your area.

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