Picture of Shankar Poncelet showing him as a police officer, student and developer
Shankar Poncelet – From Police Officer to Web Developer
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Teaching business owners about online marketing strategies

I create appealing and well-structured websites.

Imagine a trusted consultant who can plan out a complete website development process.

I will embrace your vision and show you why my clients describe me as trustworthy, reliable, honest, skilled and passionate.

While I have a solid technical background, I also have stellar people skills coupled with the ability to educate and break down complex topics into language that you will understand.

Furthermore, I am an excellent communicator, public speaker, and writer.

I am a skilled web developer and a savvy digital marketing consultant.

Most web developers are very technical. They often hold a degree in computer science or software engineering.

I am different. I chose to complete a degree in Interactive Media Studies. I bypassed the branches of Computer Science and Software Engineering that matter primarily to scientists and academics. Instead, I focused on skills required to craft a fine website.

While I am a programmer at heart, I am also knowledgeable in Design, Marketing, Social Media, Writing, Photography and Human Psychology. I enjoy combining all my skills to produce extraordinary results.

Picture of Lisa Jubela, Director of the Texas Tr-County Chamber of Commerce

When you are looking for an expert that can decipher highly technical information and can present it back in a method anyone can understand, call Shankx! He is your guy and he truly cares about your business and how to find you the best solution for your needs.

Lisa Jubela Director of the Texas Tri-County Chamber of Commerce March 19, 2017


More about me

I am a former law enforcement officer who fought against domestic violence, drugs, prostitution, money laundering and tax evasion.

I am a polyglot who used to fly airplanes…and jump out of them. I taught anything from German, French, English, Mathematics to Physics and alcohol prevention classes.

My experience shaped me into a proficient communicator. I learned that the best way of dealing with people is to listen and work on a basis of mutual trust and respect.

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Shankar has been working with our company for almost a year now, and will hopefully be supporting us for many more years into the future. He is the genius web developer behind our new, improved, and as-custom-as-can-be corporate website. Operating within the Manufacturing IT industry, as a client, we (more than) frequently had very specific (and often not the most popular nor common) needs and requests in terms of our website rebuild. Just to name a few – complicated content linking and associations, a dominant non-mobile audience, custom navigation menus, multi-language support, last-minute changes and requests, the list can go on and on. Shankar took each of our challenges and requests head on and with the best attitude, and he always found a solution to give us exactly what we wanted. His breadth and depth of knowledge of his field and commitment to best practices also helped us build a website that was even better than we had imagined. Despite how brilliant he is, he always made a point to explain the method and reasoning behind each of his actions, and was the most patient trainer to our team to ensure we could use and manage the website easily and comfortably. As a professional, Shankar really is a rare gem, one in a million. His work ethic, passion for his work, dedication to helping us achieve our company’s vision and mission, reliability and attention to detail set him lightyears above and beyond any other web developer with which we have ever worked. For Shankar, nothing is impossible, and we feel lucky and grateful to have found him. We look forward to collaborating with him on many new and exciting initiatives moving forward!

Zivile Badaraite Senior Marketing Specialist at Hylasoft

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