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You would think it is obvious that designers and developers need to collaborate. You would think they embrace each other, and look forward to creating beautifully and efficiently, together.

Unfortunately, this happens less frequently as you would hope. But why? Would a general contractor consider building a house without the blueprint of an architect? Would the architect attempt to build the house herself? If so, would that be a good idea? Would you buy that house?
We live in times that glorify the individual hero. Everyone dreams about having the personal breakthrough/idea that leads to abundant wealth and happiness. The IT industry specifically seems to be great at looking up to exceptional role models such as Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, [enter similarly successful designer names]and everyone wishes they could be next.

We have to question the premise of what leads to happiness and wealth. Does that necessarily need to happen as a lone ranger, or is it possibly easier to achieve when you are part of a successful and nurturing team? Maybe we have to stop trying to be like Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, and start focusing on what we like doing, and on what we are good at doing?

Yes, I know. There are a few miracle kids out there who do have exceptional design and development skills. What we often forget is that it took them years to get to that point. Years during which nobody spoke about them, or even knew who they were.

But what about the rest of us – the other 99%? Should we all strive to become the so called unicorn designer/developer – a devigner? What are your thoughts? Let’s talk about this.

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  • I think you’re right Shankar, I agree that you should do what you love to do. Whether that’s design, development or a bit of both (Devigner – I like that term). If you’re also lucky enough to be part of a great team then that’s a bonus too.

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