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I understand code, communication, and human psychology.
I create online presences that attract, convert and transform!

Picture of Dr Murray, Chiropractor

I really believe that you have saved me hundreds if not thousands by keeping me on a steady, realistic pace with my website and SEO.  That is what I tried to explain everybody, that they can trust you to set them up with the right product and not just selling them something that they don't need.  I really appreciate it and will continue to tell all of my friends and colleagues about you!  

Dr. Daniel Murray Chiropractor March 19, 2017

Picture showing the face of Shankar Poncelet

Picture showing Shannon Malish

Shannon Malish

Shankx started helping our company, Windmill Wellness Ranch, s substance abuse treatment facility, when we needed help with a website. Continue Reading

CEO of The Windmill Wellness Ranch

Sarah Kowalis

Sarah Kowalis

Shankar is the most well rounded, thoughtful person I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. We were introduced over 2 Continue Reading

Sarah Kowalis, Designer and UX Expert

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